Medical profession

In the current climate, the medical profession faces a great deal of uncertainty. One thing that is certain, however, is that tax will always need to be paid.

That is where Michael Letch & Partners LLP can help.

We will advise you on the myriad of complex accounting and tax issues that are applicable to the medical profession. Our team members will also ensure that your systems are robust and stable, in order to efficiently and effectively manage your practice and your finances.

We have experience in acting on behalf of a range of medical professionals, including GPs, pharmacies, surgeons and physiotherapists.

Our understanding stretches to such areas as NHS reimbursements; accounting for income from private work and hospital Pay as You Earn (PAYE) work; addressing tax planning issues; and arranging partnership agreements.

Michael Letch & Partners LLP can also supply information on preparing business and personal accounts; setting up and developing a practice; making the most of any allowances and tax reliefs; and ensuring that your retirement is a comfortable one.

To discover how Michael Letch & Partners LLP can help you, please contact us.